Hello, World! This is often the first program people write when they start learning a programming language. Also, it's often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a language. So this is my Hello World post in my brand new blog platform.

Why this blog?

Most of the knowledge I acquired in my career came from different Internet sources such as blogs, forums, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. Also, I got my Computer Engineer degree from a public and free university (National University of Cordoba). I am a huge supporter of free education.

My brother Jorge, who is my mentor and appreciate a lot, always tells me: "If you learn something new, don't forget to document it, otherwise you will forget it soon".  This is completely true! Moreover, my grandfather once told me, "If you want to remember something, you just need to write it with a pen on a piece of paper". I used this method a lot while studying in university and it was a great method.

One day I thought to myself, why not write and share with others some knowledge, thoughts, ideas, failures and successes? Maybe I could help someone. In the end, it would serve as a great documentation tool for me.

That's the reason why I'm here :)

How often will I write here?

Not sure. Lack of time is a big problem for me. Please don't wait for a post every week or every month. I don't have a schedule, I will try to write in my free time.

Which blog platform am I using?

I tested some static site generators like Nikola, Sphinx or Pelican. They support markup languages, such as reStructuredText and Markdown, and they generate the HTML. You can host the static site in any webserver or even in GitHub Pages. Since I don't know shit about web developing, it's difficult to change the style of the site. This is why I decided to use Ghost.

Ghost is an open source blog platform for building and running a modern online publication. Ghost really rocks, so I will write soon another post about how to run Ghost in a self-hosting environment, just like I'm doing here.

I hope to help you and see you soon.
Nice to meet you,